Dear Applicant !!

We invite you to study at Opole University of Technology. Our University guarantees high quality courses and lectures, as well as interesting academic life.


The recruitment procedure timetable.

How to become a student.

1. 1. The bank account generated by the IRK system should be used only for paying the registration fee (all the other fees connected with the course of study, as the student card fee or the dormitory payments should be paid into bank account indicated in USOSweb system). The registration fee shall not be paid into other student’s account generated by IRK system
2. The date of crediting the account designated by the IRK system is critical. The accountancy might last for a few days, therefore it is suggested to transfer the money using the fastest transfer system available. The payment confirmation will be visible on the applicant’s personal registration account. 


Medical certificate ( .docx   .pdf ).